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Services & Location:


Sunday Morning - 10:30am
Hymns, Psalms, & Songs
Biblical Topic Preaching

Sunday Afternoon - 12:30pm
Hymns, Psalms, & Songs
Biblical Topic Preaching

Verse-By-Verse Preaching

Wednesday Evening - 7:00pm
Hymns, Psalms, & Songs
Verse-by-Verse Preaching


Sunday Breakfast
Coffee & Tea
Provided by GHC

Sunday Lunch
Provided by GHC

Soul Winning

Sunday Afternoon
Rosedale, New York

our house Church Location

Steven Pl, Woodmere (Long Island), New York


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to dress up for service?

No. The bible says those who wear expensive, proper clothing should be in king’s houses. We are a simple church of God, wear what is casual.

what if i have young children?

If your children cannot yet sit through a service we have a separate mother/daughter room for you and your child. There is a monitor so you can still see and hear the preaching while your child plays with the other little ones.

What service do you have for older children & teens?

We believe children & teens should be with their parents during the service and hear the same preaching and teachings their parents do. This will help them as they age to be used to the kind of preaching they need to make it through their adult life and they will grow and learn along with you.

what if I don’t have a King james bible?

Don’t worry, we have plenty of King James bibles to give to you and your family. Just bring yourselves, and we will take care of the rest!

what if I don’t have or want to donate money?

Then don’t! We pass around an offering basket after the singing and we never pressure anyone to give. We simply pass it around for convenience. Many of our members give online so there is no pressure to bring money with you.

What’s the difference between your morning & afternoon service? do I have to stay for both?

The morning service is preached by our pastor, Tyler Doka, and our afternoon service is a completely different sermon preached by our evangelist, Justin LeBlanc. It is beneficial that you attend both services so you can hear two different sermons that will help you grow in your walk with God! But no, you do not have to stay for both, you can come to either one you desire!

What is soul winning and how do you do it?

We do soul winning after our second service for about an hour. If you have never been soul winning we would love to place you with any of our experienced members and they can teach you to lead someone to the Lord from the King James bible. Soul winning is just the name for going out and preaching the gospel to every creature, which we do by meeting and speaking to people on the street one on one.

how do I become a member?

In order to become a member, it is a very simple, biblical process. You must believe that Jesus Christ came to this earth, died for your sins, and rose again from the grave. You must also believe that Jesus Christ (the Word of God) is only one bible, the King James Bible, and you must confess that with your mouth. Once you do this, we will baptize you at our church, and then, you’re a member!